Call for FOCS 2017 Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

On Saturday, October 14th, immediately preceding the main conference, FOCS 2017 will hold a workshop-and-tutorials day.  We invite groups of interested researchers to submit workshop or tutorial proposals. 

The goal of a workshop is to provide an informal forum for researchers to discuss important research questions, directions, and challenges. Connections between theoretical computer science and other areas, topics that are not well represented at FOCS, and open problems are also encouraged.

Format: The workshop/tutorial day will start at 9 am and end at 5 pm, with a lunch break from noon to 2pm. It will take place at the FOCS 2017 venue. Organizers are completely free to choose their workshop formats (invited speakers, panel discussions, etc.). Both full-day and half-day workshops are a possibility.

FOCS does not have funds to cover travel expenses or honoraria for invited workshop and tutorial speakers. Workshop and tutorials attendance will, however, be free and there is no separate registration for attending them. FOCS will also support a coffee break for the workshops/tutorials attendees but no lunch will be provided.

For an idea about previous workshops, consult the following links:

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Proposal submission

Workshop and tutorial proposals should fit into one page. Please include a list of names and email addresses of the organizers, a brief description of the topic and the goals of the workshop or tutorial, the proposed workshop format (invited talks, contributed talks, panel, etc.), and proposed or tentatively confirmed speakers if known.  Please also indicate the preferred length of time for your workshop or tutorial (full day or half day).  Feel free to contact the Workshop and Tutorial Co-Chairs at the email addresses below if you have any questions.

Submission deadline

Proposals should be submitted by September 3, 2017, via email to and Proposers will be notified by September 7, 2017 whether their proposals have been accepted.